Your breakfast is served in the dining room or sun room whichever you prefer.  It is usually served between 7.30am until 9am.

Along with Tea , Coffee there is orange juice and our lovely local tap water.

To start with there is an assortment of Cereals, Greek Yogart and fresh fruit salad.  Depending on whats grown in the garden sometimes I make a fruit compot.

Holly Lodge happy hens provide great eggs and they come cooked either poached or scrambled.  Please let us know before your arrival if you dont want to eat our eggs and would prefer shop bought ones. 

The bacon comes from Ayrshire.

Tomatoes come from Spain!  Tattie (potato) scones from 10 mins away in Dingwall.

Mushrooms come from down the road at Stirling.

I have made some Whisky Marmalade, and although a wee bit runny it tastes good!  The bees make wonderful heather honey - you should taste it.

Try my home made oat cakes along with local brown bread.

For guests who stay longer with us then i would recommend tasting the local Haggis and Black Pudding.  Mr Cockburn has won awards.   I wont tell you what it is - until you have eaten it. But it is yummy! and better for you than sausages.

Let me know if you dont eat meat - Linda McCartny (my neighbour from years ago) started making vegetarian sausages and they are still in production many years later.  Or try McSweens from Edinburgh Vedgetarian Haggis - I love it!1

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